June 20, 2008

Southkast Radio Transmission#1

Ladies and germs, yours truly is very excited to present to you the very first episode(and the first post) of Southkast Radio. And since this is our first post let me introduce and give you a breather what this shit is all about. Well, first of all, we are hailing and broadcasting from the southside of the philippines, so that explains half of everything. Second, if you are familiar with the concept of podcasting or audioblogging then we are that, or sort of. So yeah, we are basically a podcast / weekly radio show on the internet or wachumacallit. And as vanguards to good taste and as snobs and patriots at the same time, we only feature smokin' tunes from local underground talents that either never touched your radio dials or you only hear live. I think that explains some of it and anyway i'll be keeping you informed as we go on.

Enough talk. On with our first feature, we will be showcasing unreleased tracks(as of this writing, duh!) from Vampire State - a track called "Blinded" which will be starting off the fiasco(and another one called "Violence" somewhere in the middle) . Relatively new tunes from Dirty Old Rug(D.O.R.), Smooth Friction, and as well as classic tracks from Minority Blocs, Philippine Brutality, Zantilmo, the Rapture, and much more including Left of Center's cover of a classic punk rock tune called "Do You Rebel Rebel?" originally done by Urban Bandits. And a poetic way to cap the episode, is a track from the Ambassadors entitled "The End".

play episode #1

If you are accidentally(as we like to put it) featured on our site/show without permission and want your stuff to be removed, do shoot us an email at shoutkast@gmail.com. Otherwise, if you would like to request stuff, send your tracks to be featured and want to shoot the breeze feel free to contact us as well.


P.S.: Coming up next episode some tracks from Pipebomblandmines, Shrapnel, Cabinet Meeting and more kickass fucking tunes. So stay tune suckers!