May 24, 2009

...and now from our vaults (part 2)

MP3s: Smooth Friction - The Underrated Hits
by Hari Skwatir • November 16th, 2007
(from archives)

Analize Oh Yeah! 2nd Coming Panyero Kinasingkasing Na Halad

Exploring Smooth Friction’s musical catalogue, in chronological order, is like a psychiatrist watching the transformation of a garden variety recidivist into a howling psycho killer - one can’t help but get amazed at how brilliant the metamorphosis is taking in action. Every genre-bending record they put out is a testament to their peerless craftsmanship unhinged of any musical pigeonholing. Be it their playful brand of orgasmic jazz-rock-blues fusion(2001’s Oh Yeah! and 2003’s 2nd Coming) to the death metal concept album(2007’s Kinasing-kasing nga Halad) delivered in a subtle deadpan manner, Smooth Friction, the supercombo quartet that every Cebu scenester highly reveres, is definitely on an artistic league of their own.

But prior to brushing with local radio fame and honing their musical instruments, the ubergroup dabbled into too many musical endeavors, mostly Mik-mik’s one-man side projects. Among these projects, sadly, only a couple resurfaced with materials. One is with the neo-classical proggy trips of Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! and the other with the visually-lewd pseudo-death metal antics of Inidoro.

However, among the group’s works I totally admire is their otherworldly electronica-inspired release entitled”Analize” which is even outstanding by it’s production merits alone. Recorded simultaneously with their first full length(Oh Yeah!), Mikmik assembled Smooth Friction and invited some friends(Budoy’s Jr. Kilat, Ribcage, etc.) to participate on an orgasmic E-popping rave album.So ladies and the gentlemen, after that long boring rant, may I present to you the underrated hits(or the misses) of Smooth Friction:

  • Inidoro - Kolkog (also appear’s on 2007’s Kinasingkasing Na Halad) [download]

  • Smooth Friction - I Want You (2001’s Analize) [download]

  • Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! - Banger Dome Lullabye (self-titled) [download]

  • Smooth Friction - Take Me For A Ride (2001’s Oh Yeah!) [download]

  • Smooth Friction - Summertime (2003’s 2nd Coming) [download]

  • Smooth Friction - Panyero (2007’s Panyero) [download]

  • Smooth Friction - Ang Paglupad sa Manananggal (2007’s Kinasingkasing Na Halad) [download]

Also checkout Smooth Friction’s Soundclick site.

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