May 23, 2009

Bombo Pluto Ova - S/T(review)

When I first saw Bombo Pluto Ova perform at last year’s Fete dela Musique, I was quick to dismiss them as another punk band trying to be artsy by doing something that (apparently) no one else has done before. But, let’s face it, noise rock is nothing new. Bands that sound inept, whether intentionally or otherwise, are a dime a dozen - from the Dead Kennedys to the newer experimental bands like the SABAW collective. More importantly, noise rock is one of those things that anyone can do but very few can do right – and, at the time, Bombo wasn’t one of them.

Maybe it was the crappy sound system or maybe I was just too inebriated back then to appreciate the set – but I have to admit, this album really changed my mind about the band. It sounds so much better on record. The four tracks (or “chapters” as the band prefers to call them) each has its own distinct ambience and no vocals at all to mess up the mood. After a few listens, I finally formed an opinion – this record is good enough. So to all you noise-loving bloodsuckers out there, make this the album to own in 2009!

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