May 20, 2009

the second transmission : "boy pops girl"

thanks for the long wait my dear geeks and friends. and so you probably notice that we're now back with this shit, keeping you dear, internet people, with the latest sonic juice right about your favorite southside musicmongers. we know you miss us alot (if not boo-fucking-hoo) so we're making it up by way of putting ang cooking up almost an hour of good quality music incase you get bored from facebooking and/or maybe from torrenting too much katrina halili-related porn.

the bands featured on this mix are specifically chosen on a sole reason: because we like em (and we would expect you would too). as for the tunes, as much as we would like to talk and beat around them with personal notes and whatnot, we'll just leave it up to you dear listeners for the taking lest we be branded of ill favoritism(and we're actually lazy bunches who hate music pigeonholing). if you like the band, visit their respective links below to get to know more about them, befriend them, tell them how cool they are and buy their merch for chrissakes!

on a technical note, the list in which the band appears on the cover remains as is with the song order. fillers and extra shit are added in between song. half of the songs which we have included, are posted with permission from the respective bands who own the music, which to our favor gave us the thumbs up. the other half, well, to put it bluntly, are taken and reposted from somewhere(read: myspace) to here. and as per rule of thumb, in case you decided you're too cool for this blog and would like your shit to be removed immediately, shoot us a restraining cease and desist order note at

...and now.

Southkast Radio - The 2nd Transmission (part i)

Southkast Radio - The 2nd Transmission (part ii)

1.) intro/filler 2.) tiger pussy - when you were young, you called everyone a bitch 3.) the spirals - betamax format 4.) undercover grasshoppers - sidetrack 5.) rescue a hero - to my dearest 6.) rhodamorgenstern - worthy 7.) otis green - there is no need for paracetamol 8.) mathet - maternal 9.) foc fashion - not sure 10.) face first down - nine fifty nine 11.) jewels of delilah - rosary burns 12.) a call for blood - rose for prisa 13.) bombo pluto ova - death rides nothing 14.) xiomara & the robot balloons - before the 30th* 15.) shadowbox serenade - kanta sa kadulog

* sent by louell/spirals who by the way, is starting a personal blog incidentally called "30 : still clumsy, still shy". if we get sued for this shit, then he's to blame.

+ image copyright © Edgar Degas. Spartan Girls Provoking Boys. c.1860-62. National Gallery, London

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